Project Spring! Barendrecht consists of 57 micro houses, furnished and upholstered appartments that are available for temporary let (maximum of 24 months). Details of which are explained in an intake interview.

You need to meet the following demands to be eligible for one of these houses:

● You are older than 23 years

● You are a (professional) university student or work at least 24 hours a week

● You have no children living with you younger than 18 years

● You are a company looking for an apartment for employees

There is a two step registration procedure

1. Fill in your personal data on our site (make sure you have a valid ID at hand)

2. Plan an intake interview at Spring! in Barendrecht

Bring the following documents to the intake interview:

1. A valid passport, ID or driving license

2. An income-statement by tax department no older than 1 year

3. Proof of registration at (professional) university or three recent pay slips

4. A rental statement from your present house ór a statement from council administration stating you still live with your parent(s)

5. A copy of your liability insurance


We carry out a creditcheck. When you register you agree to this creditcheck.

Without the proper documents we will not start the intake interview.

As soon as you register we count on you to be present at the intake interview. If you are not able to attend please let us know at

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