About Spring!

  • What is Spring! ?

    In 2017, the van den Meerendonk family bought an old officebuilding in Barendrecht. Within one year, it was completely transformed into what is now “the house of many homes”. Project Spring! Barendrecht consists of 57 furnished and upholstered micro houses, that are available for temporary let (maximum of 24 months). Our premium short-stay micro-homes are available to five specific types of residents: students, starters, refugees with a residence permit, seasonal expats and seekers for immediate residence. On June 1st 2018, Spring! opened its doors to the first residents.

    Spring! Is the beginning of a new chapter in your life. It is not just a place to live: it’s complementary living. Spring is a place where you can work and meet people, who are all on their journey through life. At Spring, you can come home to yourself. Be what you want to be. Go where you want to go.

  • Where is Spr!ng located?

    Spring! Is located in Barendrecht, right next to NS trainstation Barendrecht. For more information about our location, please visit our Location page or visit Google Maps

  • For whom is Spr!ng?

    Our residents are what is special about Spring!. We offer housing to five specific types of residents: students, starters, refugees, seasonal workers and those seeking for immediate residence. These groups were carefully selected and together, they are a reflection of society.

    Not sure if you are eligible to live at Spring? Find out here.

  • What is a microhouse?

    Microhomes at Spring! Are designed for single-person living, equipping our residents with anything they might need to live comfortably: all you need to bring are your clothes and a toothbrush. Our microhomes all have a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom, a bed, table and chairs, and a television.

Live at Spring!

  • Am I eligible to live at Spring!

    You need to meet the following demands to be eligible for one of these houses:

    - You are older than 23 years
    - You are a university student or work at least 24 hours a week
    - You have no children living with you
    - You are a company looking for an apartment for employees
    - You are a refugee with a residence permit

  • How do I register?

    It’s really easy! There is a two-step registration procedure.

    - Fill in your personal data on our website (make sure you have a valid ID at hand).
    - Plan an intake interview at Spring! In Barendrecht.

    Bring the following documents to the intake interview:

    - A valid passport, ID or drivers’ license
    vA recent income statement (IBRI / IB60 form). An income statement can be obtained through the tax authorities (belastingdienst)
    - Proof of registration at college/university (starters: a corresponding diploma) or a copy of your employment agreement together with three recent payslips
    - A copy of your liability insurance

    Please note that:

    - We carry out a credit check. When you register, you agree to this creditcheck.
    - Without the proper documents we will not start te intake interview
    - We count on you to be present at the scheduled intake interview. If you are not able to attend, please let us know via living@springhousing.nl

  • Can I see a microhouse?

    We usually give a tour of a microhome during an intake interview. However, this depends on the availability of vacancies.

  • What types of micro houses are available?

    Within Spring!, there are twelve types of microhomes, varying from 19,2 m2 to 48,4 m2. Would you like to learn more about our what our microhomes look like and rent? Contact us.

  • How do I contact someone from Spring! ?

    You can send an e-mail to: living@springhousing.nl or call us at: +31 (0)85 044 0899.

  • Am I eligible to receive rent-allowance?

    Please check out this website from the Dutch Goverment to check if you are eligible for rent allowance.

    Find out more
  • Are there additional facilities?

    There sure are! Living at Spring! Means that everything you want or need is within reach. We have a gym, two libraries where you can take out books for free, a laundry room, a shared living room with a TV and several quiet places where you can work or study.

  • What is included in the rent?

    The rent consists of two components: the actual rent and the service charge. In the service charge, costs of electricity, water and general maintenance are included, among other things.

  • What about insurances?

    To live at Spring!, you will need a liability insurance (WA verzekering).

  • What about children and pets?

    Children and pets are not allowed to live at Spring!.



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